The Employment Law Desk Reference Manual: Summary of Federal and State Regulations, (8th ed. 2015)


This Employment Law Desk Reference Manual provides outlined summaries of important federal and state statutes governing employment practices, a summary of Utah law governing wrongful termination liability, and a summary of the legal theories and claims regarding employee privacy rights. The federal and state statutory outlines are prepared in a uniform format organized as follows: (1) a one paragraph general summary of the statute; (2) a section describing the coverage of the statute, including employers affected and employees protected by the statute; (3) a summary of the statutory requirements, including the conduct prohibited and/or mandated by the statute and any exemptions; and (4) the consequences of non-compliance with the statute, including a summary of administrative enforcement through government agencies and the availability of private enforcement and remedies to aggrieved individuals. This Desk Reference Manual is intended to facilitate the employer’s awareness of the most prominent federal and state statutory schemes governing employment practices. It is also intended to enhance the employer’s awareness of practices and circumstances which create exposure for wrongful termination liability and liability for violating employees’ privacy rights. Though broad in coverage, the Manual is not exhaustive. Federal statutes respecting organization of labor and statutes applicable to specific industries, such as railroads and airlines are not included. State laws governing worker’s compensation and workplace safety are also excluded. This Desk Reference Manual should be helpful in employers’ efforts to identify the areas of federal and state regulation to which the employer is subject and in facilitating compliance with those regulations. Legal counsel should be consulted with respect to specific questions or issues regarding compliance. We hope you will find this Manual useful in accessing information on employment law issues. The manual is available for $100.00. Please contact Linda Brooks via email or call 801-363-5678.