MCBB lawyers have represented both product manufacturers and advertising companies in many different litigation matters involving marketing and advertising, including consumer class actions, unfair competition and business practices, and other tort disputes.


MCBB lawyers have represented many different companies in the automotive industry, including some of the largest automobile manufacturers, parts manufacturers, dealerships, and service providers. MCBB’s representation has included litigation ranging from class action products liability cases to contractual and insurance disputes.

Grocery and Retail

MCBB’s clientele includes multiple regional and national chain grocers and retailers. In particular, MCBB lawyers have a long history of success in providing employment law representation to large-scale grocers and retailers, both as litigators and counselors. MCBB has a deep understanding of this industry and the legal challenges faced by grocers and retailers with extensive operational and employment structures.


MCBB has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and regularly represents healthcare organizations, facilities, hospitals, practice groups, physicians, nurses, consultants, suppliers, and others in litigation matters of all types. By virtue of their broad-based experience representing entities and individuals involved in the healthcare industry, MCBB lawyers bring to bear knowledge and expertise in virtually all litigation or regulatory matters involving the healthcare industry.

Hotels and Resorts

MCBB frequently represents organizations involved in the hotel and resort industry, including both international chains and individual hotels and resorts. MCBB’s representation of such organizations has included defense of employment actions and many types of business, tort, and insurance disputes.


MCBB regularly represents policyholders of all types, including large, publicly-held corporations, privately-held businesses, and individuals, in coverage disputes with their insurance companies. MCBB has had great success in turning denials of insurance coverage into substantial recoveries for its clients. MCBB has successfully litigated insurance coverage denials for environmental liability, construction defect liability, director and officer liability, errors and omissions liability, and many other liability and property claims.

Medical Products and Devices

MCBB lawyers have represented medical product and device manufacturers ranging from large, publicly-held organizations to privately-held mid-size and start-up companies in various types of complex litigation, including commercial disputes, products liability actions, intellectual property disputes, and other tort and contract cases.


MCBB lawyers regularly represent entities involved in the mining industry, including organizations that focus on precious and semi-precious metals and extraction of various types of minerals. MCBB has represented such entities in many different types of litigation and regulatory matters, ranging from employment actions to tort claims and commercial disputes.

Network Marketing and Direct Sales

MCBB has extensive experience representing products and services companies that are structured as network marketing (MLM) or direct sales organizations. MCBB’s representation of such companies has included actions to enforce and protect their organizational structure, commercial disputes, products liability, advertising disputes, intellectual property cases, and other tort claims.

Oil and Gas

MCBB has represented multiple organizations involved in the oil and gas industry, ranging from the largest integrated fuel companies in the world to international, regional, and local distributors, suppliers, and marketers. MCBB has experience representing such organizations in various types of complex litigation, including commercial, tort, regulatory, and insurance disputes.

Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, and Dietary Supplements

MCBB lawyers regularly represent companies involved in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, nutritional, and dietary supplements. MCBB’s representation has included multiple types of complex litigation, including consumer tort claims, class actions and regulatory disputes.

Professional Services

MCBB lawyers have represented a variety of professional services providers, including “Big Four” and other accounting firms as well as law firms. While our representation most commonly involves defense of professional malpractice claims, we have also represented such entities in other matters, such as commercial disputes.

Real Estate and Construction

MCBB represents property owners, construction contractors and creditors in all areas pertaining to real estate, including purchase and sale of commercial real estate, construction disputes, encumbrances, lease negotiation, commercial lease litigation, title disputes, and foreclosure of security interests. We have successfully litigated boundary by acquiescence, adverse possession, quiet title and partition of tenancy in common claims. We represent parties in construction disputes in trial, arbitration proceedings, and mediation. MCBB also represents the insureds of title insurance underwriters in priority of interests, ownership, quiet title, boundary and other disputes. MCBB has also represented clients in matters involving claims against title agents relating to their activities in handling and closing escrows.

Sports and Entertainment

MCBB has represented individual athletes, various organizations, venues, and service providers involved in the sports and entertainment industry in various types of complex litigation.

Other Industries

The list above is just a sample of the industries in which we have experience. MCBB attorneys have also worked with clients involved in Transportation and Shipping, Non-Profits, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Data and Forensics, Banking and Lending, Waste Disposal, and many other industries. To learn more about our industry experience, contact an MCBB attorney.